AI Auditor

Get the best possible results for your audits powered by artificial intelligence and neural networks. You are empowered with data that boosts your confidence in delivering audit risk assessments.

Why Use an AI Auditor?

The huge volumes of documentation have always slowed down audit tasks. This has resulted in traditional audits opting to use sampling-based audit plans. As a result, there is a big gap in the quality of audits as not everything is audited, and the risks aren't communicated promptly. For these reasons, audit automation is needed to accelerate audit tasks.

The solution?

An artificial intelligence and neural networks machine with in-built algorithms to help it learn based on the data it's fed. No worries about the volume of data as the more you put in, the better the results. The AI auditor will analyze all the transactions as opposed to the traditional manual sampling of random figures on a ledger. And you get alerts whenever a transaction doesn't look right.

Benefits of Incraminer AI Auditor

Rapid risk identification

It runs on a powerful and intuitive interface enabling you to seamlessly examine and run risk assessments on your entire data set. Resulting in a granular assessment of every transaction making it easy and fast to identify risks.


The AI auditor uses a transparent and human-centric approach to identify and provide data insights. You get to see the test results of each analyzed entry. So you can pinpoint and investigate areas that draw concerns.

Extensive data analysis

AI ensures Incraminer keeps getting smarter with constant algorithm improvements. This makes it a powerhouse that can analyze entire data sets looking at all monetary flows in business accounts. Randomly sampling what to look at leaves risk assessment to chance. We help you do 100% data analysis.

Discover new insights

When it comes to data exploration facilitation, nothing does it better than artificial intelligence. It brings risk assessment to life empowering you to understand even the details below the surface. This expert knowledge is not only critical for anomaly detection, but also for discovering new insights.

How can we help you?

We improve the quality and effectiveness of your audits by providing data-driven assessments. Our AI auditor will help you devour all the data you provide, analyze and score every transaction, explore trends and data relationships, investigate, and communicate valuable insights.